Coenzyme Q10

CoQ10 is considered a cardiac wonder. Those with heart disease are often found to be deficient in this nutrient. CoQ10 levels in the body tend to decrease with age, but the good news is, supplemental CoQ10 will re-balance this deficiency. This nutrient works at the most basic cellular level and is necessary for every function in the human body. CoQ10 has the ability to boost the immune system, relieve angina, lower high blood pressure, and increase the strength of the heart protecting it from heart attacks.

CoQ10 is found in every day foods like a bowl of cereal, green peppers, a chicken leg and the highest amounts in beef heart. However, as we age, the body loses its ability to perform the chemical changes necessary to produce CoQ10, and therefore cannot be replenished by food sources alone.

This powerful nutrient works in the mitochondria of each cell, and can find a free radical and neutralize it before it can endanger any other biological process. If CoQ10 levels start dropping, your general health will as well. Because CoQ10 is natural and necessary to sustain life, it is very safe to take in a supplement form. In toxicological tests, no risk of toxicity has ever been observed.

2072_NF_CEPThose with CoQ10 deficiency, resulting in high blood pressure, often find they feel better within a week or two of ingesting it in a supplement form. Studies from the United States and Japan found that by only adding CoQ10 and nothing else, in two months, an average systolic dropped from 141 to 126 and diastolic from 97 to 90. Results like this offer hope for protecting your most life sustaining organ. Your heart beats one hundred thousand times and pumps 4,300 gallons of blood each day. Your heart can only accomplish this with adequate CoQ10 supply.

If you are experiencing heart problems, or have a history of heart disease in your family, it is essential to keep up your levels of CoQ10. This cardiac wonder has repaired weak hearts and restored vitality in so many cases. Be sure to include a CoQ10 supplement in your diet – your heart is worth it.

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Coenzyme Q10