Cold and Flu Season

Colds and flus have affected so many people this season. Every winter we hear of someone who has been bit by the cold or flu bug, often multiple times.

There are so many remedies, natural and antibiotics, that it can all seem very confusing trying to chose the right way to overcome these annoyances. Your best defense and remedial action are the tried and true nutrients that have been used for years. Echinacea and Vitamin C have been touted as wonder remedies – and for good reason.

cold-156666_640Echinacea is a natural supplement that many people take instead of antibiotics. This herb activates white blood cells, and therefore can help with recovery from many types of infections, including colds and flus. Not only is it good for the immune system, but is also a blood purifier, plays an important role in cleansing the lymphatic system, and is helpful with glandular swelling. The roots and leaves of Echinacea are full of wonderful nutrients including, essential fatty acids, enzymes and vitamins A & E.

Vitamin C is another powerful immune booster. It enables the body to defend against bacteria as well as viruses. This is important to remember because many other remedies only work against bacteria. Specifically, Vitamin C stimulates cells to produce an increased amount of interferon. This enables the cells to decrease the chance of being penetrated by viruses.

Echinacea and Vitamin C work wonderfully together when you are trying to recover from a cold or flu. But remember – your best defense is prevention! We can all benefit from a little extra support this season. Try Echinacea and Vitamin C together to keep healthy and feeling your personal best.