Herbatint Hair Colour

Looking for a Change in Hair Colour? Try Herbatint!

Treat you hair to something natural. Herbatint offers organic hair colour in a complete range of beautiful shades. Natural ingredients, that are healthy for your hair, can give you the look you desire. Whether you want to change your look just a shade or two or go for a whole new look – Herbatint has the right colour for you.

What makes this product line so different is that the colouring contains no ammonia or henna, and is created from an organic herbal base. Herbatint ingredients stem from extracts of vegetable and plant sources. It is very mild which is a nice change for your nose, eyes, hair and scalp. Although the formula is gentle, it gives long lasting brilliant colour and shine that will last until you grow it out or change your colour.

This formula protects the sensitive structure of your hair. Even if you have used chemical dyes in the past, Herbatint hair colour is safe to use. Specific Herbatint colour choices even beautifully cover grey hair. When new hair growth appears, it is safe to re-colour every two to three weeks. Permed hair can be coloured, however be sure to choose one shade lighter, as permed hair is more porous. It is also safe to perm hair 15 – 20 days after you colour it with Herbavita.

8N_largeFor those who are looking for something natural with beautiful brilliance and shine – Herbatint is the choice for you.

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