The Herbal Formula – “ESSIAC”

There has been a lot of attention recently given to a herbal formula called “Essiac” that many have found helpful on the road to recovery from cancer.

The formula was developed in 1922 by a Canadian Nurse named Rene Caisse (1889-1978). She acquired the Old Indian formula from a woman whose breast cancer had been healed by its use, called it “Essiac” (Caisse spelled backwards), and used it to treat cancer patients in her clinic in Bracebridge, Ontario until the late 1970’s.

Caisse repeatedly tried to get the Canadian government to recognize Essiac as a cure for cancer. She had several doctors behind her in her fight, but the government always refused to study it further unless she released her formula to them. She was afraid to give away the formula because she would have no control over how each batch of the formula was prepared, and if it was not done correctly, the results of the tests would not be accurate.

Her story and the testimonies of many cancer patients who recovered after using Essiac were published in the book: “The Calling of an Angel” (no longer available).

We should not think of Essiac as a cure for cancer, for there is no one formula that can cure all cancers, as cancer is not just one disease. But many are using it to purify their blood and detoxify their bodies. When this happens, fresh rich blood can begin to nourish areas that need support and the body begins to heal itself. It makes sense that impurities in the blood can only hinder recuperation, and that elimination of these will only be of benefit to the body. No reported ill effects have been reported from the many users of Essiac, however it is always wise to check with a doctor before using Essiac. We are pleased that many doctors are supporting its use.

The Ingredients of the Herbal Formula:


– blood purifier

– body cleanser

– reduces swelling and deposits in the joints

– used externally and internally for skin problems

– other conditions for which burdock has been found to be helpful are – acne, boils, burns, cankers, fatigue, hemorrhoids, itching, lymph glands, poison ivy/oak, psoriasis, sore throat, water retention and wounds.


– astringent

– tonic

– stomach properties assisting digestion

– creates a healthy action of the digestive organs

– increases the flow of saliva

– helpful for these conditions – anemia, improves appetite, bad breath, colitis, constipation, croup, headache, hemorrhoids, jaundice and liver imbalances.


herbal_supplement_med_cropped– diuretic

– useful in kidney and urinary conditions

– less harsh in its properties than other types of sorrels

– externally used as a wash for skin conditions

– has laxative properties.


– mucilage properties, coats the digestive tract, aids in healing inflammation

– expectorant, nutritive

– helpful for these conditions – bladder, bronchitis, boils, colitis, constipation, cramps, cough, diarrhea, digestive disorders, eczema, fractures, hemorrhoids, inflammation, lungs, mucous membranes, stomach, ulcers, water retention and wounds.

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