Twelve Vegetables to Help Prevent “DIS-EASE”

The following 12 cruciferous vegetables are promoted by Dr. James F. Balch, M.D., as being able to dramatically reduce and prevent disease. All twelve have flowers with four petals that botanical historians say resemble the crucifix or cross (thus cruciferous). Perhaps God is trying to tell us something here.


High in cancer antidotes like indoles, glucosinolates and dithiolthiones; contains Vitamin A; blocks cell mutations which foreshadow cancer, probably due to the chlorophyll; may help to protect against irradiation.

Brussel Sprouts

Inhibits malignancy of the colon and stomach because they detoxify aflatoxin, a fungal mold linked to cancer; a juice made of Brussels sprouts, string beans, lettuce and carrots supplies the required elements to regenerate and improve the insulin producing capacity of the pancreas, thus helping those with sugar problems.


Kills bacteria and viruses and stimulates the immune system; helps prevent colon cancer and ulcers; is excellent as a vitalizing agent and blood purifier, according to the American Medicine Journal; cabbage’s healing properties are only present if taken raw (juice is best).


Stimulates the natural defense to neutralize carcinogens; better for diabetics than cabbage; may reduce the risk of colon, rectal, stomach, prostate and bladder cancer.


For asthma, bronchitis and lung disorders, lymphatic congenstion and is a digestive stimulant.


Rishest of all leafy greens in caroteniods, a powerfule anti-cancer agent; rich in vitamins and minerals; protects against cancer of the lung, stomach, esophagus, colon; wonder food for arthritis, osteoporous and bone loss disorders.


For indigestion, jaundice, diabetes, the lymphatic system, alcoholism, nosebleeds, eyesight; conatins high amounts of vitamin C and calcium.

Mustard Greens

Contains high amounts of calcium, iron, niacin and vitamin A.


Stimulates the appetite; helps respiratory infections; gallbladder and liver cleanser; is a diuretic; contains vitamins A, B, and C; removes mucous and promotes digestion.


Clears up muccous and congestion; contains anti-cancer properties, rich in nutrients; should not consumed by those with kidney problems.


Reduces muccous, balances calcium, help asthma, bronchitis; high in nutrients.


For anemia, calcium deficiencies, blood purifier, arthitis, thyroid, liver, pancreas. High in vitamins and minerals.