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Making Better Babies

The news of a baby is so exciting! Preparation begins in many ways, we begin to prepare our home and purchase baby clothes, but we also need to pay special attention to preparing our bodies. Women need to be sure they are healthy so they can provide all the nourishment required to sustain a new life.

Pregnant woman require adequate vitamins and minerals, which are often missing in a typical North American diet. The following supplements should be taken before conception takes place and during pregnancy for a healthy baby:

  • Folic Acid can decrease the neural tube defects, and works with B12 to produce healthy red blood cells.
  • Pre-Natal Multi-Vitamin will ensure that all necessary vitamins and minerals are included in the diet. It is important not to miss certain nutrients and equally important to take nutrients in the correct amounts so as not to displace another vitamin.
  • Calcium is essential for the proper formations of bones and teeth in the baby, and necessary to prevent deficiency in the mother which could later result in health complications such as osteoporosis.
  • Iron is very important as it is responsible for making hemoglobin to carry oxygen in the blood.
  • Essential Fatty Acids are required for proper brain and retina development. Supplements should be taken daily during pregnancy as well as lactation.
  • Red Raspberry is an herb which works as a uterine tonic and can prevent miscarriage. It also prevents infections from occurring.

Be sure to continue exercising during pregnancy. Keeping fit while pregnant reduces stress and depression and also helps to prepare for labor. Exercise ensures healthy bowel function and helps women regain their figure easier after pregnancy.

Consume healthy foods, including a variety of vegetables, whole grains and plenty of water. Keep protein levels high by eating lean meats and fish, yogurt and cottage cheese. Eliminate poor quality foods such as crackers, chips, cakes, muffins and pasta.

If you follow the above guidelines you can avoid much discomfort during pregnancy. Fatigue, morning sickness, water retention and various other complaints diminish when your body receives adequate nutrition. When Mom offers loving nutritional support, baby will have the best chance possible for a strong and healthy start!

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