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News Article: Migraines

"Thank goodness for headaches," an elderly homeopathic doctor once was overheard as saying. That may seem a strange comment to those who don't realize that a headache is merely a warning, an alarm signal, that something is wrong in the body. To switch off the alarm signal by taking a couple of aspirins is merely to mask the underlying problem.

Often if the liver is not functioning properly, headaches and migraines will result, for the liver is the regulator of our health. Every 24 hours it filters 1,200 pints of blood, having to contend with any alcohol, animal fats, drugs and processed or unhealthy food we have consumed.

Dr. Alfred Vogel of Switzerland has dealt extensively with liver problems in his clinic and recommends the following foods: lots of vegetables, especially taken raw, buttermilk and low-fat yoghurt, toasted wholemeal bread and rye crispbread, sunflower or olive oil, grapefruit, grapes, berries, herbal teas, apple and blackcurrant juice, honey, and natural brown rice.

Forbidden foods include coffee, tea vinegar, white sugar, white flower, fruits not listed above, tinned products, fried foods, cucumber, cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, spices, sweets and chocolate.

He suggests sufferers eat two plates of grated carrots daily, walk one to one-and-one-half hours every day, set one day a week aside for fasting, and do breathing exercises twice each day. Caring for your liver will result in better health for the whole day.

Allergic reactions often trigger migraines, as many a sufferer can attest to. The solution lies in listening to your body and carefully noting the culprit substances and avoiding them.

Gallbladder or bowel problems can also bring on headaches. Avoid eating greasy foods and make sure the diet contains sufficient fiber to allow for the passing of 2 to 3 bowel movements daily. Each meal eaten should be digesting, one at a time, and working its way through the system. If you eat three times today, you should be eliminating three times tomorrow. Anything less should be considered constipation. Check with your doctor, however, to make sure that there isn't a bowel obstruction or some other cause of your constipation. More headaches stem from poor bowel function than probably any other source.

Migraine attacks can vary in frequency and intensity for some, yet can follow regular patterns for others. With some, and attack can be over in hours, while others suffer for days on end. Common complaints associated with migraines are severe throbbing pain in the head, nausea, vomiting, neck pain, objects dancing in front of the eyes, extreme tension, light sensitivity and facial pain.

Alcohol-induced hangovers can bring on a migraine, for this type of lifestyle puts a tremendous strain on the liver. Bright lights or extreme noise can also be trigger factors, as can atmospheric influences.

Acupuncture has proved helpful for many as it increases the flow of blood to the head which eases the pain. Endorphins, natural painkillers, are released during acupuncture which are gentler and safer for the body than strong painkillers and other drugs.

Some have found relief by taking a hot foot bath, while wrapping an ice-cold towel around the head. Chiropractic manipulation can improve the blood supply to the brain and remove the restriction in the blood circulation.

Herbs can often alleviate migraines by nourishing important organs, such as liver, kidney and gallbladder, and strengthening nerves. Avena sativa, an extract of fresh oats can be beneficial for those with nervous dispositions to rebuild strong nerves.

Lavender oil can be used in aromatherapy where it is inhaled, or in reflexology (foot pressure) to calm and soothe. Valerian has been used for neuralgia, headaches and cramps, fainting spells and nervous anxieties.

Dandelion root helps correct functioning of the gallbladder, kidneys and liver. Herbal books are available at most health food stores that can guide you to the most suitable herbs, listing dosages and the most efficient way to take them.

The appealing benefit to the use of herbs is that by nourishing your body, your total health improves. Prevention is always better than cure when it comes to your health.

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