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Product: Time Release B-Compound "100" Yeast Free

Company: Swiss

Size: 60 Caplets

Ingredients: Vitamin B1-100mg; Vitamin B2-100mg; Vitamin B6-100mg; Vitamin B12-100mcg; Niacinimide-100mg; Biotin-100mcg; Folic Acid-.4mg; D'Pantothenate Acid (Calcium D'Pantothenate)-100mg; Para-Aminobenzoic Acid-100mg; LIPOTROPHIC FACTORS Choline Bitartrate)-100mg; Inositol-100mg. In a bas of Alfalfa, Parsely, Rice Bran, Watercress and Lecithin.

Description: The B-Compound vitamins are probably the most important set of factors needed for the proper maintenance of the nervous system, proper functioning of the cell and its energy metabolism. Any king of mental or physical stress as well as poor eating habits greatly increase the need for B Vitamins. Since B Vitamins are water soluble they are not stored and must be supplied as the body needs them, on a regular basis.

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