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Product: Policosanol

Company: Natural Factors

Size: 60 Tablets

Ingredients: Sugarcane Extract 6000mcg

Dosage: Take 2 tablets after the evening meal. For additional support take 1 or 2 more tablets after lunch or as directed by a health practitioner.

Contains no artificial preservatives or color, no corn, dairy, gluten, soya, starch, sweeteners or yeast.

Description: Policosanol - Cholesterol Formula - The most clinically researched product of its kind!

There now is a natural substance that may lower 'bad' LDL cholesterol, raise 'good' HDL cholesterol and balance total cholesterol as effectively as some leading pharmaceuticals. What is it and why is it effective? Policosanol, is a very safe substance derived from the outer wax of the sugarcane plant. Excellent research, including many clinical trials, show that the fatty alcohols in Policosanol are safe and have a beneficial effect on cholesterol levels.

How does Policosonal work?

Some people are predisposed to high cholesterol no matter how stringent their diet and exercise routine. The liver is primarily responsible for cholesterol production in the body. However, in some persons (due to genetic factors) the liver does not know when to stop making cholesterol. Policosanol exerts an important antioxidant effect and it helps control the liver's production and breakdown of cholesterol.

Policosanol - some other benefits

  • Exciting new research shows that it may lower serum cholesterol levels, raise good HDL cholesterol levels, and reduce platelet aggregation (stickiness).

  • As well as reducing serum cholesterol levels, Policosanol reduces the amount of cholesterol in the liver, heart and fatty tissue.

  • Policosanol's cholesterol-lowering effects continue and do not lose their effect over time.

  • Policosanol may prevent and reverse atherosclerotic lesions and thrombosis.

  • As an antioxidant, Policosanol works to prevent LDL oxidation.

What does the research show?

Policosanol has been extensively studied in nearly 30,000 people through short-term , and randomized, placebo-controlled trials.

A recent trial to determine the safety and effectiveness of Policosanol showed that patients who took Policosanol once a day with the evening meal for 24 weeks lowered their LDL serum cholesterol between 18.5 and 25.6 percent. Of the 437 patients who participated in this randomized, double-blind study, the Policosanol group also lowered their total cholesterol between 13 and 17.4 percent and raised their HDL cholesterol between 15.5 and 28.4 percent. "Subjects in the group treated with Policosanol did not have serious adverse events during the 24-week study. This study shows that Policosonal is effective, safe, and well tolerated in patients with hypercholesterolemia and concomitant coronary risk factors."

Who should take Policosanol?

Persons with elevated 'bad' LDL cholesterol levels as well as persons with low levels of good HDL cholesterol may benefit from taking Policosanol. Anyone facing these health issues may want to discuss the use of Policosonal with their health care provider. Research shows that Policosanol may produce cholesterol-lowering effects within the first six to eight weeks of use. A daily dose of 10 mg of Policosanol in the evening produced lowered LDL cholesterol levels by 20 to 25 percent within six months. At 20 mg daily, LDL levels dropped by 25 to 30 percent. HDL levels increased by 15 to 25 percent after only two months. These are quite dramatic cholesterol-balancing effects in total cholesterol levels as well as HDL to LDL ratios and compare favorably with statin drugs such as lovastatin, simvastatin and pravastatin, but without the side-effects of these drugs.

Safety and dosage

Policosanol is exceptionally safe. Clinical trails show that elderly persons, diabetic and those with liver damage can safely take Policosanol. Currently, studies show that Policosanol does not affect blood thinning and there is no interaction between Policosanol and blood-thinning medication such as warfarin. Although Policosanol produced no teratongenic effects in animals, we do not recommend Policosanol for pregnant and lactating women.

Anyone wishing to take Policosanol for cholesterol support should work closely with their health care provider. Since cholesterol synthesis increases at night, the recommended starting dose is 10 mg of Policosanol after/or with the evening meal. If the response is not adequate after two months, the dose can be doubled to 20 mg.

Keep up with those lifestyle modifications

Everyone with a high risk for cardiovascular disease should consider substituting more fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes in place of red meat and saturated fat. Consider incorporating a daily multi vitamin that includes the important homocysteine-lowering B vitamins, as well as extra vitamins C, E, and omega-three rich fish oils or flaxseed oil.

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