The number one cause of blindness in the world is cataracts. A cataract is a clouding of the eye’s lens which causes vision problems. The main symptom is loss of vision over time due to free radical damage to the structural proteins and cell membranes of the lens. Recent studies confirm that adequate vitamins and […]



Energy, vitality and the ability to be active are wonderful qualities. If health problems cripple our way of living, our quality of life can change for the worse. For so many, arthritis causes frustration as the body refuses to work as efficiently as it did years ago. Inflammation of the joints occurs when there is […]

Build Immunity with Vitamin C


With the onset of winter, with its accompanying colds and flus, it makes good sense to eat foods high in Vitamin C and supplement your diet if it is not adequate. Benefits: – Fights infection and stress, colds and sore throats. – Good weapon against viral diseases. – Builds collagen (the glue that holds us […]

Herbal Remedies


Herbs have been used for centuries to bring relief from various bodily discomforts. They bring balance back to the body, so the body can heal itself.Herbs come in many forms: teas, extracts, capsules or poultices, depending on the need. For those not accustomed to the taste of herbal teas or extracts, capsules may be preferred. […]

Cold and Flu Season


Colds and flus have affected so many people this season. Every winter we hear of someone who has been bit by the cold or flu bug, often multiple times. There are so many remedies, natural and antibiotics, that it can all seem very confusing trying to chose the right way to overcome these annoyances. Your […]