Tissue Salt #4 – Ferrum Phos

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Product Description

Tissue Salt #4:  Iron Phosphate

Company:  Hyland’s

Size:  500 tabs.

Ferr. Phos. provides help with:

  • Cooling overheated or inflamed conditions
  • Fighting bleeding
  • Fighting inflamation
  • Strengthening the blood vessels
  • The formation of red blood cells
  • Transporting oxygen (in the blood)

Facial analysis

The presence of the following signs on the face may indicate a need for Ferr. Phos.

  1. Skin
    • Reddened forehead, cheeks
    • Red, hot ears
  2. Around the eyes
    • Blue black shade under the eyes
  3. Around the nose
    • Blue black shade in the nasal root
    • Grey black colouring around the nose
  4. Around the mouth
    • Red chin
    • Red tongue
    • Pale gums